How cancel an existing scheduled workflow before creating another?

Hey guys,

My app has a free-trial that a scheduled workflow will expire in 5 days.

If they subscribe (monthly) before the trial period ends, how do I first, cancel the existing scheduled workflow, then set another one that expires in 30 days?

When you schedule the workflow, you get an ID as result of that step.
You have to save that ID to your database and use it to cancel that workflow.

Thanks for your response.

I’ve tried to implement this, but can’t see the option for the ID in the workflow…

Hi Reger,

Kindly see my follow-up question above ^^.


It’s simply “Result of Step 9 (Schedule API Work…)”.
You don’t have to select anything additional from the dropdown.

That doesn’t work. It’s red and says “evaluates to a text”.

Yes it’s an ID in text from, so you need a text field to store the value (I assume your current field is a number field).

Alternatively, you should be able to use “:converted to number” - both ways work.

I would still recommend the first option (text field), because you will probably need the value as a text to cancel the workflow later on.

Thanks a mil. Appreciate your help.

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