[Feature enhancement] New elements tree with more powerful interactions and shortcuts

So , so far no changes regarding feedbacks and one additional feature that slows production ? .Of course these are my opinions and contribution to the topic.

I think that resizable / rideable tabs (the icons on the left & the elements tree) seems like a reasonable compromise no? Would make the editor usable on tablets and small devices

lol, I can’t count how many times I just lost the name by clicking away instead of hiting ENTER

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For the love of god Bubble, please let me open a reuseable element’s properties without a right click…


Yeah… This is bothering me quite a bit. My page is constantly moving around while I’m doing things.

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Love being able to CMD + Select multiple items from the elements tree! However, is there an option to stop the editor view from “snapping” the selected element to the top of the page?

I miss when we clicked on “Reveal element on tree” it would scroll to the element in the tree… Now I need to search for it manually. (My app has LOTS of elements, so it’s a buzz)


Is there a bug with copy/pasting a group from one page to another?

It just does nothing when I try to paste the copied group.

@kate.mcnally Please have the team fix the scroll to view of an element when it is clicked from the element tree…it should absolutely not be scrolled to the top of the screen, it should be scrolled so it is centered on the screen

Seems to be generally disliked…I don’t know anybody who focuses their attention to the top of their screen, I think most people focus their eyes on the center of the screen.

Additionally, when we make a popup visible by clicking on the eye icon, please make it so that the popup is visible in the center of the screen where we are currently located on the canvas…at present if we make a popup visible, the canvas does not scroll (as it should not) but the popup is made visible at the top of the canvas and we have to manually scroll to the top of the canvas after having to press the eye icon a couple dozen times as the popup doesn’t come into view centered on the screen automatically and the natural assumption is that the eye icon click doesn’t work and we can only test that by smashing it a couple dozen times before choosing to investigate by scrolling to the top of the canvas.


I love the new look of the elements tree, but…

  • right clicking an element and then clicking reveal in elements tree is broken (does not do anything, literally at all).

  • Sometimes elements don’t show up in the elements tree… As you can see, the parent element includes several elements (you can see on the preview to the right) but the elements tree does not show the elements. I cannot work on a project without the elements tree. Dragging & dropping elements is not a way that I recommend ANYONE to do as it is unreliable and you don’t see what groups are going where. Edit: Problem goes away after refreshing, but it’s happened a couple times so far.

Just want to note that the reveal in elements tree is THE feature that I and many developers use all the time. It’s a really big deal that this feature was pushed roughly two weeks ago with bugs these big & no acknowledgement of the problem on this side

Really liking this new elements tree.

Just a couple of tweaks and it will be perfect.


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There ARE SO MANY bugs! Now I’m having issues even moving elements around on the page or from group to group. It won’t do it in the element tree and it won’t do it on the builder. Can someone at Bubble please address this?? I’ve been struggling for days now.

Interesting… in my case it doesn’t scroll automatically at all, so I have to scroll to the element manually :exploding_head:
I use Chrome, the page in not converted to the new responsive

doesn’t work on edge either

You seriously have to hire UX experts … whoever approved this obviously never used a canvas before.

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UX experts or QA team? There is rarely transparency on whether an unexpected or non-intuitive behavior is intended or a bug that was never tested and becomes the forum’s responsibility to QA.

It’s been 2 weeks now and I keep renaming elements by mistake.

Can we at least move the icon double-click action to the element name so it opens the properties panel when double clicked?

Element names don’t change as often as other stuff and this “easy” way of renaming elements has 0 value. We have been renaming elements via the property panel for years now.

+1 to this. Hope team is listening.

i retract my earlier statement.
this increases development time by a good 10% - 15%

always have to click not only the parent element but the eye to make it visible
reveal in elements tree missing in editor if i right click a group or text
show all children on left missing

please change these things i think they have been listed above

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I get so frustrated when I submit bug reports and I’m told it is intended behavior…even when you can politely and eloquently explain the lack of logic behind the ‘is intended behavior’ cope out, they still just say engineers say it is intended behavior, please submit to the ideaboard.

So, because an engineer who doesn’t use the system, thought they would build something one way, when you hear from users how it doesn’t work as a user would expect or a generally competent person would logically expect it to work, what is in reality a bug or poor UX, has to be submitted as an idea to the idea board.

Agreed…I change names ONCE, which is when I first put the element onto the canvas. After that, I might change the name again, only when I copy and paste the elements to be reused in another part of the app. In 6+ years building, I never desired an easier ability to change a name of an element.