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Hello All,

I have an idea. What if we all contribute to feature. for example we all want to have a responsive sites. if this development costs lets say $1000 then i can pledge $100 and other can pledge x amount till we hit our mark.

Once the pledge is completed bubbles takes this sponsorship on and start to work on it. May then guys at bubble can make us a micro-site where we can place our pledges.

Let me know your thoughts.


Crowdfunding features, very nice idea.

There was this discussion not too long ago. Crowdfund new features ex. Sponsor

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Just waiting for someone to pick up the batting and start building. Make it public and we can all help.


Very good idea. It would be perfect to boost the community

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I’d suggest a Patreon model, so people pay a montlly fee (maybe starting at 5$, 100$ max ) and all the paying users can vote, the first on the list goes to production. I’d sugget to start in closed beta too.

If we can achieve 400$/month in average every quarter there’s a new sponsored feature.

Every funded feature gets a blog article, with the founders name displayed.


New features creation seems mainly limited by Bubble team lack of time - see last Josh’s post. Before doing it, have you ask them if they think this sponsorship system would be relevant ?


I actually created a crowd funding app for this, but there didn’t seem to be enough interest in the idea – at least from the Bubble community. I haven’t really done anything with it lately due to other priorities.



Money is one thing, people willing and able to test what it was they asked for … is quite another.


I think @Kfawcett app is great. Its easy to use and simple to track seeders.

I would love things like an improved search functionality and aggregation of data (that will allow us to use charts more effectively). I think this is where we should start.

There has been allot of talk about group sponsoring features. So let’s stop talking about it and just do it. what ever you guys decide to do I am in.


This is why enabling user-created plugins is the top of our feature to-do list :slight_smile: Having the Bubble team build features on demand isn’t a scalable model. We let people sponsor features for now, because right now there’s no other outlet, and it’s important that people know they won’t get stuck with because of a Bubble limitation. But the end-game is to have open APIs for extending Bubble, so that you can hire a random javascript developer off the street (or learn a bit of javascript yourself), and not have to rely on us having time in-house.


With you Bro

:heart::revolving_hearts: Can`t wait!

I know that this thread just turned 4 years old (which is weird because so did my niece!) but I am curious, why do you think featureseed didn’t pan out among bubble users? As Josh said, I know that Sponsored development was supposed to be a stop gap for not having the Plugin Ecosystem but it sounds like Bubbler’s didn’t take to featureseed even before the plugin marketplace became available. Eager to hear your thoughts / hope I’m not bringing up a sore subject

Great question. When it came down to it, I don’t think there was enough people willing to fund any of the ideas.

Just an FYI. You can still look at the app here https://featureseed.bubbleapps.io , but I downgraded the Bubble plan, so some features do not work because they rely on API workflows.

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Darn, I hate it when that happens. Well, for the little it’s worth, I think it was a neat idea :slight_smile: