File type issues - Be gentle, it may be a dumb question!

This may be a dumb question, so be gentle LOL. I have a real estate listing platform, obviously real estate listings have lots of images, large images. I have been saving them as files to the database. My pages are super slow.

If I saved them as images and processed with Imgix would it speed up the page load time?

Thank you

you might want to look a additional image processing if they are hi-res …example [New Plugin] Image Compressor by EzCode

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I bought the plugin, I really struggled with the lack of documentation. You can’t even access the workflows on the demo page. I have no clue how to use it? Do I use it when the user uploads the images initially? Or do I use it when the Listing is being displayed? I know you don’t work for EZCode lol, just venting!

Thank you for the feedback!

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I have looked into purchasing this plugin. I believe there is a page to demo the plugin and a page to view the editor of that demo.

Anytime I am looking for instructions on how to use a plugin, the demo editor is the best place for me to look behind the scenes to understand how to use it.


i dont work for them …thanks for noticing @ezcode @ezdev Andrew you’ll need to lend a hand to one of your customers

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Thanks @Bubbleboy and @boston85719 for mentioning, appreciate it !

Dear @freehold2018 , as @boston85719 mentioned and shared link to editor it’s a greatest example of how is works and how to set all

Will be glad to help you of it not helps

Looking forward