Fill repeating group with images via API call to dropbox?

I’m a bit lost. I created an app as a dropbox developer and got an app key, app secret and access token.

the API connector asks for username, password, token endpoint, and “shared header” key and value. I don’t know what to codes to fill where.

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Hey @jeffmccutcheon, I am trying to do the same (Fill repeating group with images via API call from dropbox). Just follow the video for setup. All you need to fill is the authorization (Shared Headers) as they do in the video and that should work. (Make sure your dropbox account is a business account).

In my case, I told the Dropbox API to match a “field”(Text) from my “thing” with the filename in dropbox. And then to display it in my repeating group. However, although it matched successfully. the image is not being displayed. (See image for reference).

If anyone can help would be much appreciated.

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I can’t recall what I did (I did finally get them to show, however a gallery of 50 full rez pictures would take 5 seconds to show up - each one loading like it was 1995 on dial-up. I’m using zeroqode’s aws uploader for images now and putting those into repeating group - these show almost instantly unless bubble has a slow down.

hello. I am having trouble to set it up. Can you help me?

I found zeroqode’s aws s3 uploader to work faster. (Although installing it was not easy)

But once installed I create an uploader on the page and make an action “when file uploader A uploading is finished” – make changes to a thing: "GalleryPhotos add list “This file uploader’s list of file URL”

Then displaying those images in a repeating group is as easy as making the gallery’s list of images the source.


Hey Grace, I ended up using a plugin for (Another service). If I recall correctly, I couldn’t use dropbox because it will not act like a webserver where every file in a your folder is simply accessible via a public URL path without sharing it.

Sorry for the late reply.

Hi, I have been looking how this AWS file uploader works and looks pretty nice, but, after upload, the files can be downloaded without problems? can we have a download URL or something like that?

Thanks in advance

Yeah create an action “fileuploader is finished uploading”. Here you can access the URL of each file you uploaded (So I have a photos field and I set that field to the “fileuploader’s list or URL’s”