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Filtered research and repeating group showing results

Hello !

I’ve struggling for several days on this issue and no-one seems to know how to solve this “obvious look issue”.

Here is the context:
I’m building classified website and trying to give the users the possibility to search / filter with many criteria, and to display the results in a repeating group.

I got 6 categories (dropdown and checkbox) and each can have between 2 and 16 options.

What I want:
Nothing is checked, all the ads appear.
One option in a category is checked: matching ads appear
Two options from the same category are checked: all ads who got either AND both options appear.
Many options from different categories are checked: all ads who got either AND both options appear.

What I got now:

  • For each category I custom a state (list of text)
  • The result R.G.: “Do a search for adds” / filtered [advanced: state’s category intersect with the ads category:count >0".
    => It works with one category

If I do this for all categories with an “intersect” function in between, it works only if options are checked in every category (which is really not interesting).

Let’s say I sell cloths

Product (type=tshirt (text))
Size: 1, 2 3 (text)
Colors: black, white (text)

If I check “white” => appear: “white t-shirt” and “black & white t-shirt”
If I check “black” and “white” => appear: “white t-shirt” ; “black t-shirt” ; “black and white t-shirt”
If I check “black” and “size 2” => appear: “black t-shirt size 2” ; “black and white t-shirt size 2”
If I check “size 2” => appear: all size 2 t-shirt whaeveter the color

:///// Thx so much to one who could get me out of there hehe

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Hi, see here for how to write the intersect with expression so that if nothing is selected in the input, all results are shown.

Regarding having multiple inputs…

  • If anything isn’t a “list to list” search requiring the advanced filter, put it in your regular searchbox and check ignore empty constraints. This will run server side and is faster.
  • If you have multiple “list to list” searches, if you add each one in their own constraint within the list filter search box (ie “Add a new constraint”), then they will act as an “and” between them.

Note also that some people set these types of filters to trigger off a workflow, where each search constraint is its own step in the workflow, but I have stayed away from that route because I haven’t seen anyone explain the upside vs. the above simpler method.

Thx but it’s not what cause me trouble ;/

Hey man! Did you resolve your trouble? Have the same task, but also didn’t resolve it yet