Filter RG according to date

Hi, I want to filter my repeating group according to date . The dates are like in the below image.

  1. Due date more than a month from now
  2. Due date less than a month from now
  3. Due date less than a week from now

Please help me to filter the RG.

Try and have a look at this video on using conditional data Adding Conditional Data Sources | Bubble, and then adjust your data source, based on the dropdown selected for duration along with the current data + days etc., function in the data source constraints section, that should allow you to filter the search result based on the listed criterias.

I guess this is not the video which can help me.
But thank you for your time @pfthiessen .

Hi there, @jangidrahul0494… as @pfthiessen mentioned, you can set up conditions to change the repeating group’s data source based on the value in the dropdown, and your conditions would look something like this.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @mikeloc , thank you so much for this awesome filtering condition.
I tried something from my side and that is working properly.
Let me show you this:

  1. Due date less than a month from now:

  2. Due date less than a week from now:

  3. Due date more than a month from now:

After this I added a constraint in RG

Is the process ok @mikeloc

You said it’s working properly, so yup, I would say the process is okay. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your guidance @mikeloc .
Keep supporting :heart:

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Hi Jangidrahul0494, happy to hear that you found a solution that worked out for you!

Thanks @pfthiessen :heart:

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