Filter search box using other list

Hi there,

I have difficulties getting the correct results in a search box element. My use case is as follows

  • I have a list of 10 suppliers in my CRM module
  • I have a project in my project management module. In this project I can add multiple suppliers (ProjectSuppliers). I add 5 suppliers (from a total of 10) I can do business with. The Searchbox for supplier on this level works. Fetching 10 results from my CRM module.
  • Then I want to add project activities. For each activity I want to assign a supplier, but now I want to choose only one of the 5 suppliers I have added as ProjectSupplier. I can’t get the Searchbox being filtered to only fetch the 5 suppliers added to my project.

Looking forward to gather some insight how to be able to do this.

Thanks in advance

How are you saving the 5 selected suppliers?

It should be as simple as using those 5 as the data-source for the search box…

I was using ProjectSuplier as source on the Searchbox of Activity. But wanted to store the Supplier in a specific supplier field on the Activityist. Furthermore I als want to prefill the current value of the searchbox (ProjectSupplier) based on the value of suplier. That seems not to be possible.

So now I think I need to just link ProjectSupplier to Activity.

Any thoughts how to remove duplicates? I have managed to maintain a unique list of SelectableProjectSuppliers. Maybe I need to link that list to Activity. On the background I believe I can sync Activity.Supplier field to be able to manage the privacy rules on activity.

I will try something out and get back to this topic.


I’ve got it working, but now I would like to eliminate the duplicate results. A Supplier can be multiple times a ProjectSupplier supplying other resources.

Using a drop down I can use text as datatype and fetch the unique elements, but with a Searchbox this is not possible.

I tried to use a separate datatype SupplierSearchbox that adds (only when not present) and remove items (Supplier’s name). This works when just adding or removing a ProjectSupplier. But when modifying a ProjectSupplier thing get out of sync quite easy and I can’t get it right.

Scenario’s that are difficult to manage is:

  1. I have two ProjectSupplier records for Supplier A. SupplierSearchbox only consists of one record (Supplier A) When one ont ProjectSupplier records is changed to Supplier B. SupplierSearchbox should consist of both Supplier A and Supplier B
    2.When I revert the change SupplierSearchbox should only contains Supplier A (removing record of scenario B)
  2. When I have only one ProjectSupplier record (Supplier C) and I change this to Supplier D, SupplierSearchbox should also change from Supplier C to Supplier D.

I am able to implement all three scenario’s sperately, but not all three together.

I am nog thinking to use an API workflow on a list (ProjectSupplier) unique items and flush and reffil the SupplierSearchbox list, with only unique values. But then I am in doubt I can set the security and privacy on the level I need…

Maybe to clarify and to summarize: what I want to achieve is a Searchbox with Suppliers that exists in the ProjectSuppliers list.

Update: I think I found it, Searchbox (type: supplier) source: do a search of suppliers where name in ProjectSupplier each items Suppliers name.