Repeating Group not filtering properly from dropdown's input value


I have a search results page with a dropdown & location search-bar that filters an RG. The dropdown contains the values of: E-Bikes, Bikes, Surfboards, Paddle Boards, etc. and I’ve set up the RG to be filtered by ‘Any Field contains Dropdown’s value’.

I noticed that only some of the dropdown’s values correctly filter the RG.
For instance, the RG works when I choose ‘Bikes’ from the dropdown:

But when I choose ‘E-Bikes’ from the dropdown, I should be seeing the 2nd store but I get no results back.

Here’s how the RG is set up:

I’m not sure if there is an issue with how I’m having stores save their categories or if this is an issue with how I’ve set up the filters.

All help is greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:.