Finally a responsive messaging / chat template that works 🚀

where exactly are you stuck at @flarguslion?

hi @andrew36, this should not be much of an issue. the conversationParts list can hold more than two users. rest should work pretty much the same

@d9999 Hi, I bought this template this morning, and I’ve copied everything over to my app. It looks like a great starting point for messaging functionality - thanks!

However I can’t get a conversation to show on the right side, when clicking on the conversation row on the left. The action is identical to your template’s, and no errors are shown. It works in your demo. What could be wrong? The conversation functionality works fine when using the slider.

Thank you.

good question @andrew36 …not sure. did you set the page type to conversation?

Yes, unfortunately it is type Conversation, so it’s some other reason.

can u share an editor link with viewing rights (on DM)?

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@andrew36 i think i found the issue. the data source of group chat should be current page’s conversation:

but in your app is empty:

let me know if that works.

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That was it. Thanks so much!


Hi @d9999 , Great looking app! I’m playing around with it now.

Im looking at repurposing this in conjunction with twilio sms apis.

Before I get to far I thought I would ask the creator:

1st - Are there any reasons you can think of that this wouldn’t work by using ‘customers’ and not ‘users’ - The reason I ask is that all messaging apps I see on bubble are internal for users, not external facing. I envision quite a few hours changing all the fields and workflows to be ‘customer’ and not ‘user’. But if the database is set up right, it should work?

2nd - Any reason this wouldn’t work with twilio’s sms api? Ill be piping in the data to look something similar to what you have as ‘conversations’ .

3rd - Why does the New Message Search have an ID attribute ‘search 2’? I couldn’t find any related CCS or HTML for it - unless im not looking hard enough?

Thanks again, and for your newsletters and youtube vids too!

Hi @zac1

on 1: this should be rather straightforward to change. One thing that needs to be changed in the data base is the type ‘conversation’, that currently holds a list of conversation participants which is of type user.

on 2: Im not familiar with Tiwlios API, but don’t see any reason why it would not work.

on 3: good point, this is legacy. initially i used a search plugin that required this. you can safely get rid of it.


Thanks DJ, I appreciate the reply! Just the motivation I need to get it working

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Hi there

When I try to implement the teamplte it says I have 122 erros; how do I get so many?

Hi! Probably missing styles and data types. Here is an instruction video of how to best add the chat to a new page. If you follow that you should not have any errors let mw know if this works

I think I have the same database right now and I have copied and pasted all the styles, however it still shows 122 errors

I tried copy the database over it still shows me 63 issues

Hi. What would be the best way to implement new message notifications with this chat system? I’m thinking of:

  • An indictor in the header, which when clicked shows a list of unread messages and their senders
  • Clicking a message takes the user to that conversation
  • The message becomes marked as read.

I’m struggling with each of those needs. Could someone give me a hint please? Thank you.

@d9999 I have bought the template, followed the video, customised it for my wrapped app…and it is amazing, works just as I need it to and is super simple when following your really helpful video!

Just a little note for IOS devices (not sure if it has the same problem on android) where the keyboard that slides up when you go to input a message. Sometimes the input box doesn’t slide up with the keyboard. However, I found that the solution is to make the Group Chat (Slider)>Group Bottom set to “this element isn’t clickable” and that way you only activate the input field, which enables the slide up function.

Such a great and easy template and well worth the very low price it was. Will leave a 5 star review tonight.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback @julian.mcneill, much appreciated! Great idea - will implement this in the template right away :pray:

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@d9999 Do you have any thoughts you could share on this? I’d love to hear a bit of your expertise :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

Sorry I have missed this.
So the data type conversation has a field for this: has ‘unread messages’, which is a list of users. If a user has an unread message in a conversation, the user is added there.
then you can use a condition to show an indicator, eg. in the header, something like this:

for the list of unread messages you can simply use an RG searching for conversations where the field ‘unread messages’ contains the current user and display the last message

and then for the click event its the same as currently in the template when a conversation is clicked.

Let me know what you think

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