Is there a way to create a dynamic app with a large database?

Hey guys,

I’m new to and 0 prior experience with coding or anything in that realm. I’ve been watching some of the videos here and there, it probably isn’t relevant but I’ve built a few Shopify stores here that are just basic e-commerce style stores. When I heard about it had me very interested and I’ve been wanting to create a subscription model app for a while now so I figured I would try to take my best shot at it here.

I guess my question is, is this the right avenue for something like this? At the root of it, I’m trying to create an app that would allow users/members to sign up with a monthly service fee to access the application itself. I don’t think creating the actual website itself is where I’m too lost, but is it possible to create an app that would allow someone to put in for example how much money they make, how old they are, where they live and what they like to buy and the app itself would for example create a custom budget for them that allows them to spend x amount on this, save this amount, etc.

This is just an example of what I’m trying to have it do, not the exact data or app I’m trying to make but something like this. Where would I even start on something like this?

Absolutely, bubble would be a great choice for building such an app, you can easily integrate stripe for payments and subscription management. The key will be to deciding how you setup your calculator and how much value it provides your users. With the dawn of open banking, there are lots of services that help users understand their spending habits and create budgets based on actual spending data.

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Sure… that sounds like just some basic calculations… should be simple to do.

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Thanks for the quick responses!

With so many variables, would this be something that would need to be built on excel and then connected to the app? Or is there a way to integrate something like Chat GTP to calculate answers based on the data sent from the app?

Would you recommend building out the design first and then connecting the database to the site? Just not sure where to even begin.

Chat GPT might not quite be suitable, I would imagine something more proprietary would be in order. The first step would be to collect a users sources of income and outgoings and give suggestions of what to do with any surplus.

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I wouldn’t use chatGPT… nor a spreadsheet…

I’d just do everything in the app (or maybe with some existing external services if there are any relevant to your app).

I would always recommend starting with your database structure first so you know what you’re actually trying to build.

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So in you would first create the database and build around that? Creating the data base I guess would essentially be generating several fields for the customer to input and then creating workflows based on inputs?

So form 1 would be something like income, expenses, etc. and then it would generate a net resource based off of that number which would lead to the next set of fields such as what they prefer to spend money on, where, etc. which would then generate a “guide” for them to follow? But basically it would all be created using form fields, inputs and outputs based on their answers I guess?

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