Financial reports P&L - is it possible

Hi all - wondering if it’s possible to produce profit and loss/ forecast displays based on transactions recorded in database. I’ve considered using multiple RG’s stacked vertically to achieve this. 1 for income items and 1 for expenses and multiple columns for time periods. wondering if there’s a plug-in that achieves the equivalent of a excel pivot table which might be more suitable. Essentially I’m looking to produce something like Xero,s P&L display per picture attached.

Just about anything is possible!

Just set your database up correctly, you’d want either an option set or a data table set up for chart of accounts ‘type’ and then each line in your chart of accounts would be attributed a ‘type’. Then create a RG for types and nest under that an RG of accounts that have that type.

Thanks….yes I’ll continue on the basis of using repeating groups to produce this. I guess I was hoping there was a plug-in I’m not aware of that achieves something like a pivot table in excel.

The only issue I foresee is that i have multiple headings so not sure I can achieve that in a single RG, but rather need to stack separately above each other to achieve this.

Just nest RG’s - You have types like assets, liabilities, cost of goods, different types of expenses etc (top level RG), then you have the accounts that are under the types (nested RG). Then you just sum it all together and format the UI.