Fixed or Responsive: Is this a possible scenario where fixed might be better?

I’m familiarising myself with the responsive engine and I have a decision to make. I’ve decided that I’ll just create a mobile and web version of the app because I don’t like how the elements of this particular product will be stacked on each other in mobile view. First, because it’s text heavy and second because I did my initial prototype for a mobile view and I love how it looks and want to maintain it.

So, before I jump in and start tearing my hair about a responsive web design (on this particular app, at least), I would like to ask your highly-esteemed opinions if there is perhaps still a very good reason why I should build responsive for the web application, in your experience .

Also, based on experience, could you speak to any parts of an otherwise fixed layout web app that give a better experience if I make it responsive?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, so make the responsive editor your friend because even with just phone resolutions (360px-500px) you will need to have things shift, center, and whatnot.

So the idea of having a dedicated mobile view isn’t bad at all.

But make sure you’re not just skipping the step of making it responsive and look good on everyone’s phone resolution.

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Hi @jobs. You’re absolutely right. Within the web and the mobile apps, there are differences in the screen sizes available that I have to cater for.

Thanks for that.