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Flight Api to use in Bubble


I need to show flight information for airports. This will show Arrivals and Depatures.
How would I implement the api? I am complete novice.

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Do you just want to display flight times ? You could probably do that by iFraming something in ?

Or do you want to integrate the data (via the API) into Bubble ?

I need it to just display the information for each airport.
It will look something like this

We’ll add something soon that lets you add your own APIs. Hopefully in a week.


Wow. Am super excited about that.

This is fantastic news! I’ve been looking for ways to pull in data from TripAdvisor and this would be of tremendous help. Really looking forward to this!

Thanks, this will be awesome. I have a couple of api’s i want to pull data from

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My head just exploded.

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This will surely blow the Responsive release out the door! Thanks you guys are awesome!


Really need such pull data from somewhere stuff, then I could really try to use bubble build a mobile APP.