Floating Responsive Horizontal Tab Menu Bar in Footer (Tablet and Mobile)

I want to make a App-like Floating Responsive Horizontal Tab Menu Bar in the footer of my application. I want this to show when the page size is on Tablet level (starting from 777px).

It should look like 5 Icons lined up horizontally. But this seems to be a very hard task for me. I am really struggling with this.

So it should be (responsive: from tablet 777px to mobile 300px):

Icon1 - space - Icon2 - space - Icon3 - space - Icon4 - space - Icon5

Menu bar

Has anyone found a solution for this? Hope someone can help me out.
Thanks in advance!


Yes responsive settings are needed…spend some time watching tutorials and playing around with the responsive editor settings; it takes quite a while ( at least for me it did ) to get somewhat comfortable and even after that it is still tricky and causes you to scratch your head ( at least I do…I hate responsive design )

If you want it to be like your image, and don’t need it to stretch to fit the page at 777px then you are very much on your way to getting it set up…if it is needed to stretch to fit the page and you need the icons to get larger and maintain the same type of ratios and spacing but on a larger size screen like 777px, then you need to do a lot more; mostly creating alternative groups with icons set up for different size screens and make sure the background group ( I believe your footer ) is set to not fixed width so it stretches.

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