For all you bored hardworking people at your desks, is live. Come check it out!

Hey guys!

So yesterday I had made a post about my site asking for feedback before it went live and I didn’t get a lot of responses so here I am going live with my 4th bubble project.

Idea: Unique products with sarcasm and jokes to entertain at desk bored people and be a resource for gift finding.

New Design is Up

You can save the cool stuff to come back later and buy something. Also there will be more user oriented features planned for the feature but for now, going live with minimal.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions, feedback and advice.



Love the site. Great work. I would really work on the design and I would shift my approach from an extended scrolling to a load more button. This way you can keep track or how pages are viewed and offset the delay in loading images.

That’s a great suggestion, right now the design does look a bit unfinished… Working on a new design as we speak.


First of all, great website. Here is my feedback:


  • Curated content
  • Wording
  • When you click on the title, the color changes
  • Socials sharing
  • Looks better on the desktop

Cons (mobile experience):

  • It was not clear to me the intend of the website. It would be good to have a welcome page
  • The content is justified right when you rotate your phone.
  • Too much stuff on the header. I would use the Slidebar menu for mobile experience
  • When you select a category, it is not obvious that the selection has produced an effect.
  • Loading issue. Not smooth. Too many stuffs to load.
  • It is not obvious that when I click to check it out, I will be redirect to an external web site. It would be good to an icon here
  • It is not obvious to which item save, price and social links belong to. I would restructured the layout a little bit
  • I have to click on sign up to understand the intend of the website
  • Login button on the sign up screen does not show up properly, too small. I would not add the background color and use a different font color instead
  • On both sign up and sing in, the title does not have the same font color
  • I was not able to get to the bottom of the web page.

Here are my main comments:

  1. I would recommend to group stuff by category and only display the categories on the main/welcome page. This will help for the loading issue. You may decide to display a limited number of stuffs and add call for action to see more. It sounds to me that you are loading all categories. Think about a way to load progressively…

  2. I would restructure the entire web site to make more appealing and modern. We easily get lost on mobile.

  3. Fix the responsive issue when you rotate your phone.

I did not sign up. So my review is based on the info shows when the user is not logged in.


@BubbleCoach Thanks for all the criticism, I really appreciate that you took the time out to write such detailed response.

I have correcting lot of the issues and as well pushed a new design, please take a look and let me know if there are more things I should consider.


Great improvement, way easier on my index finger :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe you could try a different font? The serif could look a bit busy.

@vincent56 Thanks!

Which font are you talking about? I suck at fonts…

This is a serif font (the titles):

Are you using Lato font? I had issues with that in the past, but I thought I installed it…

The description is open sans but the What Why How is droid Serif… I will look into it.

Oh yes, I see now. I saw Lato at the top of the source (when inspecting), but now I see droid for the titles indeed. Well that one doesn’t seem to load properly for me.

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Did you have a loading issue? I feel like people are having a issue with loading.

Initial load is quite slow, but unfortunately that seems to be part of Bubble apps. (and people like me who don’t know how to code not building an optimal application :wink: )

Yea that sucks… cause once somebody shows up on the website they don’t spend a lot of time waiting around. Any suggestions?

As Ali suggested, load less stuff initially?Just load maybe 3 or 6 items on page load? Then load more after the page is loaded or when people start scrolling?

The problem with loading 2 rows is that the other 2 rows load too slowly and it looks very weird, or it ends up looking like that there is no more content.

I will still look into it.


I hope you did not take my feedback personally. I think it was constructive feedback. I noticed that the responsive issue is fixed. I also noticed that you improved the look and feel and the layout.

Maybe you can load the first two rows on initial page load, then switch to another RG with more rows once the page has loaded or when a user starts engaging. Basically just loading the page above the fold only at first.

Ofcourse not, I really appreciated the feedback. It helped me a lot. If you have any for the new design I would love to hear them.


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Hmmm interesting… I will look into this… With the new design, the bounce rate seems very high so I really have to try something.

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Another new day and another new update!

The site has been updated with a more minimal design.