Reset Password errors

Hi im “creating an account for someone else”, and then “Assign a temp password” and then “send an email” to the user, in the email body i include the Temporary password, and a link to the apps homepage.

I assigned the “reset-pw” page to the “Redirect users who haven’t changed password” option in the general tab.

  1. When the user signs up with the temporary password i expect the user to be redirected “immediately” to the “reset-pw” which is not the case, it happens only when the user changes pages.

  2. When the user enters the new password this error pops up, “this is not a valid password reset request. please have another reset email sent to you”.

What am i doing wrong?

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Are you in live or test version when you get that error? The link is sent for live so when you are in test you need to add /version-test/

Also, the link expires after 24h, so when a user tries to login after, you also get that message.

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I created 2 seperate email versions based on its app version, both emails have their respected links.

And it happened before 24 hours

Anybody? i’m stuck

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