Help with data structure, trying to make a google form type app…?debug_mode=true

Hi Everyone. Hi have an issue with my db management.

I have 5 tables
Deal Memo
Deal Section
Deal Question

The goal of the app is to allow users to create their own deal memos and it can include different types of inputs (text, dropdown, sliders, etc). Think Google Forms where a person can create a form with various types of inputs.

I have a page where a person can create a form. They first create a section, give it a name, and choose its type (paragraph, dropdown, etc). That section then shows up in a repeating group below.

In the repeating group, there is a button to create questions for that section, they can press the button, a pop appears (the state is set to the section) and they can name the question and fill out any additional info.

This is where the issue comes in. Now that that the form has been created and saved, I am having issues filling it out.

I set up my page in a similar way where it’s a repeating group of sections, inside that, it’s the repeating group of questions, and in that repeating group, I have a text input(response). However, when I try to create or make changes to the response, the response input does not show in the workflow… Any help is greatly appreciated.

This is my first bubble project, let me know if I can clarify this issue further.