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Generate a form

I see that I can manually build a form. In fact “manually build a form” seems to be the vast majority of Bubble’s functionality.

Can I automatically generate a form?

For example, if I want the user to be able to add data to the database, they’ll need at least one appropriate input for each field. Is there a way to create a group of appropriate input elements based on the fields in a table, or some other list?

If not, does that mean I have to manually create every form I could ever need and then build logic to swap them out under the appropriate conditions?

You’re correct, you’ll do it field by field for each item. Bubble tends to lean more toward providing canvas and paint rather than color-by-number solutions. It’s more time consuming, but ultimately more flexible IMHO

How is manually creating a set of options for every possible state more flexible than automatically creating them based on rules? I mean, am I missing something?


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Well, in a sense, you are basing them on rules, in that the workflows are the rules/logic powering them. I think the key term we’re disagreeing on is the word “flexible.” I’d agree it’s not the most efficient method, but it is the most flexible as it lets any creator build exactly what they’re thinking. The level of effort required to build a form editor to accommodate every possible case someone would come up with isn’t insignificant, and is something that would be a great candidate for a plugin later when Bubble opens up the plugin editor capabilities.