Dynamically add form field

I’m trying to build a form where I need to dynamically add form fields as static ones are filled out. Kind of like how some websites let you tag posts or products or any kind of content.
the user fills out the static field, and the form adds another field for the user to enter another of the same datatype.
Is this possible with bubble?

Yes it’s possible !
It just depends on your bubble skills. This is one way to do that:

  • in your database you can have an object called “static field” that will have maybe a “content” field of type text

  • also you would have a “form” object which has maybe a name, a description and a creator user (the user that fills out the form), and most importantly a “list of fields” which will be of type “static fields” and will be a list.

  • now when a user wants to fill the form, you first create a new static field (static field A). Then you create a new form (Form1) and you add “static field A” to the “list of fields” of Form1.
    When a user fills the “static field A”, you save the content, create a “static field B” and add it to the l"ist of fields" of Form1.
    And again, and again…

Hope it makes sense and good luck!

Use repeating group (horizontally)