Formatting a List of Things

Hi all,

Just a theoretical question, when dealing with a list of things.

I create a list field that will encompass multiple uploaded files.

When I put this list into a text box i.e. so the user can click a URL to open something, they all appear bunched up and not on a separate line, is there any formatting we can do to sperate each URL onto it’s own line? Or am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Use a repeating group.

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I’ve used repeating groups, the issue is the way the list formats in the boxes… i.e.,,,

I want;

You must have it set up wrong then…

You only want to display one item from the list in each cell. Currently it looks as though you’re displaying the entire list in each cell.

What’s your datasource? And what are you displaying in the text box?

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Not to get to meta, but is the list of objects containing a list of text for each entry?

If so, you can use the expression :join with then add line_break



Sorry for the delay. This is what I have at the moment.

My issue is when I click the URL of either now, I just get an error

You’ll need to prefix it with https: (the protocol) - that should get the images to display in the browser.

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Okay, how do I do that for each item in the list?

It works for the first, but not the second?

And also when hovering over, it’s taking the list as a whole without breaking it by line?


How are you saving the links/images. I’d recommend if they are in text form, to save with the https: prefix there. So in the list, all entries already have it.

Happy to take a further look if you want to send the editor over via PM

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I’ll PM you.