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When Josh and Emmanuel founded Bubble in 2012, they wanted to lower the technical barriers to creating technology and empower anyone to build great software, launch products, and start companies. They felt it was unacceptable that only a very minor part of the world population, because of their educational background or connection to sources of capital, could get their ideas off the ground. They saw a fantastic opportunity to enable people from more diverse backgrounds to build things online and thus bring their own approaches to solving problems through technology.

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Hi everyone!
I am so excited to be joining the Bubble team to help build an inclusive community. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about what we’re working on or just want to give some feedback. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better :slight_smile:


Welcome @yaw, you did ask… What are you working on, any juicy news/updates to divulge?

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Welcome @yaw! :wave: Nice of you to join us in the Bubble Community. :tada: :confetti_ball:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

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Welcome @yaw! Thanks for joining us! :tada: :wave:

Here’s one for you guys. I’m a homeless 30 something drop-out with, No drug addictions issues or health concerns, just unstable housing, bad/no/phobia for credit and an inherent contempt for traditional schooling and neo-feudal serfdom, but not learning !

After years of messing around with different languages and computing concepts and finally finding Bubble, the dam has burst. I have several app ideas roadmapped out, with one near to launch, all just in the last few days of discovering Bubble. I’m seeking design consultation for another app idea, I’m sure will find a market, so that i can focus on the main app.

I’m from an industry going out of business due to automation, everyone told me to #learntocode, so i did, but not really because Bubble is no code. :smiley: (Hint hint)

I’m a visible minority, a sexual minority ( I’m very attracted to calzones) with unemployable hair, and very repetitive fashion sense, despise for empires, big tech monopolies and colonialism, paired with a total commitment to burning all my ships and succeeding, or bust.“But Sebastien, how are you going to suceed if you hate empire and big tech, they have all the money.” This is precisely the diversity i’m struggling with, that needs to be included.

So yeah, how do I go from where I am, to being one of those cool kids with a circle profile picture and Iphone like I see on all the hot Saas sites. I’ve been reading Tim ferris, watching Joe Rogan, doing push-ups , but this whole global neo-feudalism thing is a thorn in my butt AND/OR a moth in the stable version, of me.
I mean “rent”. What the heck is that anyways , right ? 30%, seriously 30%+.

Jokes aside (If you don’t laugh you cry on the mean streets of Vancouver) Looking forward to great things from this place.

Lemme know.


Add “The” To Bubble. Opposite what Facebook did.

“The Bubble” Yeah, that sounds right. (I’ll take my movie cameo and percentage shares now.)

-The Sean Parker of Bubble (But without all the coke and scandal)


More details to come in the next few weeks, but we’re working on a Bubble bootcamp scholarship program to get underrepresented founders trained on building web apps and plugged into the tech ecosystem. That’s all I can say for now :shushing_face: :grin:



Great to hear @yaw, keep up the good work,

Bubble is incrediable! Your team is incrediable.
Thank you so much!
To encrease Bubble value I believe you need more educational programs, more video tutorials, more mentorship, forum response, etc. And of course, never stop developing and imporving Bubble. You guys are awesome! Good luck!