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FREE ACCESS to EasyGap - A Daily Opening Gap Trading Statistics and Probabilities Dashboard

EasyGap | Gap Trading Statistics and Probabilities

Hi everyone,

We have another new app that we built in Bubble to experiment with a variety of features that we wanted to incorporate into some other paid apps of ours.

This is of keen interest to people who trade the markets with stocks and options. Specifically, traders (like myself) who use the Daily Gap methodology as one of their trading strategies.

As an options trader, I’m all about statistics and probabilities. I’ve been gap-trading for years, but have always wondered about what the data-driven odds of gap fills are for any stock, on any day. There have been a few studies done in generalities, but nothing on a granular level done on an individual stock basis, updated in real time. Therefore, if I’m going to enter into a gap trade, I can quickly look at the actual probabilities in real time of any stock’s opening gap filling within 1 to 5 days from now.

There was no tool available unless someone knew how to cobble it together via Excel. I created this dashboard to provide the only real time data available for actual gap-fill odds and probabilities.

We are inviting anyone to create a free account, log in and play around and let us know your feedback.

THIS IS A LATE ALPHA, EARLY BETA VERSION so there is a lot of tweaking to do, and it’s probably going to break and be buggy in various areas. Play with it and let us know.

Create a free account, or log in via the current OAuth methods that we are implementing (big shout out and thanks to the folks @Pathfix ), search for a stock or click on those in the various lists already and review the information to learn about a plethora of data-driven gap-related statistics.

Review the Screener which compiles everything in our datasets in real time and shows which stocks actually have the very best odds of filling their various daily gaps.

This particular app is on the Starter Plan, but we’ll migrate it to the next level in the near future.

Also we haven’t made it responsive yet so it can only properly be viewed on a regular desktop monitor resolution. Give us time and we’ll get to that.

Enjoy, and if you make a ton of money we only ask that you share 50% of your profits :wink: or buy us a coffee, whichever is greater.

Best regards,
Daniel Underhill, Data Designs, Inc.
Portland, Oregon


This looks great. The link is to the login page. Do you want us to use _signup instead?

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Thank you, appreciate your feedback. You can use either the manual signup, or just log in via the social media buttons that we have put into place. Either way, it should forward you to the actual app. Please let me know if you have any comments or feedback.

Dan Underhill, Data Designs, Inc.