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[Free Plugin] Full Calendar, Time-slot Generator, Scheduler

Here is a link to my calendar and scheduler plugin

This has 2 different calendars
A brand new date and time picker
A recurring event Generator
An element to filter egenerated time slots
An element to find corresponding free time slots between 2 different parties

For free

Why? Because me and another bubbler plan to compile info on building your own plugins. Info is power and this plugin will hold key examples from the compiled info.

No release date for the info yet but I wanted to let the plugin go now!

Find bugs. Let me know. Let’s fix it together or fork it for yourself and make it better!!

The original thread


:eyes: :+1:

Because there aren’t written docs, here is a video primer for initially setting up your Time Slot Generator

I’ll apologize in advance for any rambling or if i forgot to pause while attending to my kids or dog.

Recurring Events Demo
Recurring Events Editor

From here, I encourage you to check out the rest of the demo app. Pay careful attention to how different schedules are saved to a user in order to offer different type of bookings for the user or so the user can offer different types of resources. A user as a resource could be offering their time, or they could also be creating event types that could be share as independent offerings using the example.

In other news

@marksrunge, let me know how you get on with this. i just pushed an update for this

Just pushed to live! You will do the token dance yourself but it’s not difficult! Ask if you have any questions!

For now, you can authenticate and read/share your calendar events. no CRUD action yet but could be added if there is a desire from the users.
Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 3.52.35 PM

and HTML in your event titles can now produce pretty slots!
wanna throw in some font awesome! DO IT!

I know in the past I’ve been asked how to conjoin different fields of an event to create complex titles including times/resources etc without having to have that as it’s own field.

if you check out the example here you’ll see how to do that!

I use a hidden RG as a data source for the calendar. this makes sure bubble never gets confused such that it queries the same stuff several times. It also allows us to do cool shit like this
Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 5.07.44 PM

Oooh awesome! Though I’ll admit I thought it already auto initialised - perhaps why my events aren’t displaying on the calendar :flushed: :sweat_smile:

Will wait for the updates to start testing again :smiley:

I copied an old post and forgot to untag people and remove not relevant stuff.

That’s how done i am trying with this plugin :joy:

Hey Jared! This looks really cool.

I was wondering if it would work for my use case:

I want to give my users the ability to pick hourly timeslots every week, for any day of the week, just for a week. In other words, every week, they’ll see a calendar showing the days of the current work + hourly time slots between 9:00am and 9:00 pm.

They should be able to select slots depending on their availability and submit them for my review.

Can I do this using your plugin?

Yes you can

Cool! any chance you can show me how? I’m a beginner…

hey Jared, just checking if you wanted to help…

Hi @jared.gibb looks like this plugin can be used for showing resource view like this: 1-day vertical resource view - Demos | FullCalendar

However, I am not able to figure out what settings to put for this. Could you guide here?

After doing a lot of explorations with different options, documentation etc, I finally managed to get it working.


However, one thing where I am stuck, and I am pretty sure that plugin doesn’t support it is to assign min/max width to a column (or a cell) in the calendar (in my case, basically a resource column).

I need it because when the number of resources is increasing, the cells are becoming very narrow if I keep width low. On the other hand if I keep width high, then in case resources are few every column takes up lot of width.

hmm… that’d be interesting to set up. Essentially you need the calendar to be a variable width? This is something that I could set up, but would need to be a paid feature addition.

I know the issue you are referring to. it’s a real pain in the ass…

you can set the width when using the horizontal resource view. have you checked that out?

Understood. What kind of cost are we talking about? Also, if it is a lot, could you guide me to the plugin code and I’ll take a stab at it if possible?

I haven’t tried horizontal resource view. Are you referring to the timeline view (resourceTimelineDay)? I am currently using resourceTimeGridDay view.

Main problem that I am facing in is in rendering the calendar in mobile as there is very limited space I have to play with and even if the number of resources is like 10, the space is getting all cramped up. So, if I move to horizontal view too, I may face issues. But I’ll check it out.

timeline view will be your friend and supports horizontal scrolling. stack all your resources and horizontally scroll to see time.

Just used it. It does look quite good actually and should work in my case.


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