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{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

:rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I definitely like this time picker much better :slight_smile:

Will DM you a screenshot of one little thing :slight_smile:

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New properties added to add today per requests from @tonymoulatsiotis

Now event times are even more customizable!

if you are using your calendar to display resources you may find this update nice!

Resource Grouping and sorting is now live in the latest update (1.47).

the docs aren’t there yet but, here’s a working example and it’s editor so you can see how it’s put together

and here’s a teaser or checkout the link above for an upcoming fun feature perfect for YOUR resource use case. resource images :wink:

Ok! beta v 1.48 is out now and should be running strong.

hopefully someone already has a use case here buttttt maybe not. im hoping someone can update and use the resource grouping and images and let me know if there are questions or bugs. i’ve worked out what I can on my side and now need feedback from you awesome users.

put a face (or plane) to your resources. or an image of any kind
group them too!

^^^ the issue mentioned above related to the resource divider color is fixed

version 2.0 is under review! The calendar element has been cleaned up and made more user friendly!

docs are under construction but will be completed by the weeked for the calendar and timeslot generator at least!
Things to look forward to!

Version 2.0 has been approved!
version 2.0.1 was pushed today to clean up a couple bugs.

Thanks for pointing those out @marksrunge
^^^your property 2 workflows should work now. ’

There are so many goodies to this calendar, eventually I’ll list them all out. What I can say is that

dynamic field choosing for tooltips is next
followed by allowing the injection of HTML for your event instead of a title only.
then, the implementation of Microsoft Auth0 + offline access to those users calendars! (currently there’s only google offline access)
– the last thing on the todo list at the moment will be momentus for the calendar and quite a breaking change.
– I will be doing away with the initialize calendar workflow. you should only have to place the element and set the inputs!

I will keep the community apprised of these updates as they are pushed to live!

Thanks @jared.gibb
All’s working well at my end.

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Can I get an EFF YESS!!! for this one!!

Looking forward to checking out all the changes hopefully next week :slight_smile:

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so many updates! :star2:

Because there aren’t written docs, here is a video primer for initially setting up your Time Slot Generator

I’ll apologize in advance for any rambling or if i forgot to pause while attending to my kids or dog.

Recurring Events Demo
Recurring Events Editor
Part 1:

part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

From here, I encourage you to check out the rest of the demo app. Pay careful attention to how different schedules are saved to a user in order to offer different type of bookings for the user or so the user can offer different types of resources. A user as a resource could be offering their time, or they could also be creating event types that could be share as independent offerings using the example.

In other news

@marksrunge, let me know how you get on with this. i just pushed an update for this

Just pushed to live! You will do the token dance yourself but it’s not difficult! Ask if you have any questions!

For now, you can authenticate and read/share your calendar events. no CRUD action yet but could be added if there is a desire from the users.
Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 3.52.35 PM

and HTML in your event titles can now produce pretty slots!
wanna throw in some font awesome! DO IT!

I know in the past I’ve been asked how to conjoin different fields of an event to create complex titles including times/resources etc without having to have that as it’s own field.

if you check out the example here you’ll see how to do that!

I use a hidden RG as a data source for the calendar. this makes sure bubble never gets confused such that it queries the same stuff several times. It also allows us to do cool shit like this
Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 5.07.44 PM

This is finally In progress @equibodyapp
I need to use a different computer to finish it off. Something a bit faster. Combining all the settings slows things down in the plugin editor to an uncomfortable pace on my computer. Look for it by Friday.
:zipper_mouth_face: :eyes: :fire:

You rock!!!

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So many updates this week.

I just pushed the latest!


now calendar is on V 2.2

all initialize settings are moved to the element inspector where the rest of the calendar settings were found. docs will be updated soon to reflect this change!



Shhheeeet…this is awesome :slight_smile: Can’t wait to test it out!

Lemme know how you get on. Check out the demo for setup. Essentially I ported the entire initialize workflow into the element inspector.

This is so great! I think it will make it easier for newbies to integrate your plugin and I’m hoping it solves the issues I was having with the set up in my app :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I hope so. Keep me posted. I wonder :thought_balloon:

I need other language (portuguese) is possible to change?(ex. months descriptions)


Sure thing! You can switch the language but if the calendar still isn’t to your liking, you can ditch the header and buttons all together and create your own!

Use the standard calendar header or create one with bubble elements to have full control over what the displays say

I can help you set it up when you’re ready!

I have been alerted to an issue cause with the default time slot duration not carrying a value.

This is an error that will prevent the calendar from loading. Give me today to fix this and push an update.

For a workaround, you can enter a value such as 00:30 and then it shall work.

@marksrunge I believe this is the issue you’re experiencing.

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If you scroll to the bottom of the screenshots where I lined up what I see against your video you’ll notice that I don’t see the bottom that you refer to.
Please advise.

You may not be on the latest version. Can you verify your on the latest version

At the bottom of this page there is an example of the calendar in use.