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Opening Google Maps / Apple Maps

Hey guys,

In my app I am trying to use “BDK Open Link” to open Google Maps OR Apple Maps on the users phone. For example that little popup down the bottom on the phone with the two different options.

Then I am trying to plug in the address of where the user is trying to navigate to (only by car). I have managed to get this working when not using BDK and just a normal bubble open weblink option. But I am not sure of the correct line of data to put into the “Link Menu”. For example;

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 4.10.05 PM

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I’m trying to do a similar thing. I want to display an address and create 3 buttons on my app: Google Maps | Apple Maps | Waze

Whichever button you click should open that app with that address.

How can this be done?

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It can be done via dynamic linking. Here is the instruction for Google maps

I use it in my project.

I guess for the Apple maps and Waze could be available similar functionality.

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Thank you! Works perfectly.

Hi @ralphlasry , I be happy if you could help me figure out locating ,I have a map with a list of user markers…What i am trying to do is to open waze somehow clicking on the marker or to request directions and launch Google Maps with the results on the map with time, direction etc.

I think it’s possible in bubble, right ?

Are you looking to open Waze or Google Maps? I’m slightly confused

Here’s the documentation for Waze

Hi @ralphlasry , Thank you for reply… But the solution you suggested was my first steps, And it works perfectly .
when clicking the marker it will open the waze:// with the la/long.
the problem is that i have an issue to set the marker where i want manual and not just by the geo search, and to save the la and the long and use them to show the direction between the current real specific location ,and the marker and show distance in meters on the map.

What i mean is, when i click the map it will show the current locate dot and the markers around , once the marker clicked it will draw the direction between with distance.

Thats what i am looking for
and thank you again