Free videos recording our journey using Bubble

Hello Everyone,

We started featuring the awesome Bubble platform yesterday and will be sharing our Bubble journey with all of you on a daily basis for the next few days. You are welcomed to visit our Youtube channel. Our videos are not intended to be tutorials but we do hope they bring values to you; they are free and open 24/7 on Youtube! If you enjoy watching our journey, please subscribe to our channel because this will motivate us to keep on recording every single day! :slight_smile:

P.S. We just uploaded today’s video to the following link, hope you will enjoy:

Website Builderful


Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I’m blasting this out.

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Thanks so much for your support and encouragements!

Nice voice, proper for teaching.

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Thanks for encouraging, really appreciate it!

Working on today’s video now and will upload real soon! :smiley:

Today’s video, fresh out of the oven, enjoy!

You applied the color property to change on each group based on the state’s value alteration.

How that alone effects also the image on the top group to change based on state’s value? Do I miss something?

Thanks for asking, hope the answer below helps!

The behaviour of the logo image on the top group is not caused or affected by the state’s value. The logo image (along with the link underneath) is shown randomly after the button is clicked, by help of a workflow using the built-in “:random item” function. We did this in our Day 16 video; you can jump to 03:55 of the video to watch how we set this workflow up.

Ah, I see.

I had the impression that logo was also cycling like colors do.

Good to know. Welcome to visit our Youtube Channel for more videos on Bubble!

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This is the Best tutorial i have seen… Congratulations


Thank you so very much for your kind appreciation, it means a lot to us!

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I haven’t even gone through these videos but seriously dude , THANKS A LOT !!!
Subscribed to the channel too . Will follow them regularly :))

It appears that you’ve ended your sessions with Bubble?
Anyone else doing this kind of process with BUbble?