Tutorials, Assets and more! (coming soon)

Bubble tutorials, Assets and more!

Recently I have become a lot more focused within Bubble and have been able to give a lot of attention to the things I create with the platform. I am immensely excited to announce that I will be created video tutorials for the entire community to watch and learn from, free of charge on my new YouTube Channel

My first few videos are going to be simple videos for Bubble beginners but I hope to be pushing out content for the entire community in the near future!

I would love to hear what the community would like to see in these videos so I’ll be leaving a poll below to get input from everyone on the content they would like to see.

  • Design & Responsiveness Tips
  • Recreations of Popular Websites
  • Various API tutorials
  • Editor Tips and Tricks
  • Start to Finish Website/SaaS Creation

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If there is any other content you would like to see on my channel please drop a comment below and let me know!

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Great initiative!

I have subscribed to your channel. Good luck

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Thank you so much!

Hey @lockymadera! I just launched a Learn area on Nucode.co V2 if you ever want to promote your lessons/courses/tutorials over there for folks to learn from as well!

Just embedded Youtube videos for now so easy to submit :v:

love the logo btw!

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Once I get a few things together I’ll definitely throw a few things up over there!
And thanks, I designed the logo earlier today actually. Was messing with a few things and this one stuck I guess ahaha