From Zero To SaaS Launch In Less Than 3 Months

I went from never knowing about to developing and launching my SaaS in less than 3 months. I currently have 55 paying subscribers as of today and getting 2 to 3 new sign up every 10 days or so. Its a low cost CRM for cell phone repair shops at only $29 but loaded with the same features the bigger brands charge $99 plus a month for. It has text messaging, emailing, appointment calendar, inventory control, pre/post repair checklist, customer authorization signature form and more that all are fully customizable by the shop owner. I priced this out online through upwork and had bids ranging from $12k to $34k. So far I have spent nothing but my time and less than $100 and getting over $1600 MRR and growing weekly. Just wanted to give a big thanks to the guys over at for making this possible.


Awesome, congratulations! May I ask what plan you’re running? I feel the community always has this question, so I’d figure I’ll ask it first :smiley:

I am currently on the personal plan and have only hit maximum capacity for a few minutes each week but those are from my lack of knowledge of database setup and having to create a workflow to go back in and add stuff to everyone account etc.

At the end of the year I will probably pump my account up to the professional plan.

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Brilliant App!! well done!

Awesome, @mday849!

Always cool to hear success stories like this, good luck with building this as a company! Well done!

Thanks mark4. The video is just one small portion of the app. I do hope to grow it in the coming years.

thanks @petter

Great job! Looks amazing. Wish I could do something that could make money already. I have been on bubble for over a year now and the only project I made is free. :confused: So this has given me some ideas though. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

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Wow, this looks great! Good job.

Very impressive. What methods are you using to acquire customers?

One thing I just noticed, the ‘integration’ tab on your header doesn’t seem to do anything when clicked as the others do.

Apologies for the noob question but I just found this site and I’m curious what, as a successful app, are the limitations with So for example, does bubble own all the code or are you free to take it elsewhere if you so choose one day?

I’m not the app creator, but I can answer that. Apps are tied to the platform, you can’ take your code elsewhere.

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Awesome. It looks quite fast to upload the page. May I ask if you use other service such as cloudflare, instead of standard bubble personnal plan?


I’m using a facebook bot that goes to groups and exports the members of that group and then sending them all personalized messages askingthem to try out my software


@anwarsby No it used to load slow but how I optimize the images and completely redesigned the database workflows it used to take like 12 to 14 seconds to load but now it’s down to like 4 to 7.

Cheers to this!

it’s called fb virtual assistant

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Yeah I havent done that yet but sign up for a free trial and play around with to see all the features etc and if you have questions on how I built anything I’ll make and share a video for it.

You can build anything and the platform scales with your business.