Full calendar last day not displaying in date range

I’m using the Air Date/Time picker to enter date for users.
Once a dataset is created I’m displaying it on Bubble’s Full Calendar.

I want to display the dates in a similar manner to Google or Outlook’s calendars.
It should show 3 days across the calendar but it’s only showing 2.
I guess this is because the start date is 12:00am 6th Dec 2022
and the end date is 12:00am 8th Dec 2022.

Is there a straight forward way to format the calendar / picker to display the correct days?

Hi there, @rory.mulligan… I don’t do much with dates and calendars, but I’ll take a shot here. When you are saving the end date to the database for an all-day event, can’t you save it as 11:59pm on the end date as opposed to 12:00am?


Hi @mikeloc, thanks for replying.
I was thinking that myself but thought there would be a more practical way of doing it from the date picker.
It must only recognise the end date as “All day” if you use the ‘Date Range’ feature instead of selecting two dates with ‘Single Date’ feature like I have.

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