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Full Calendar Scheduler Suite plug-in

Has anyone had success implementing this plug-in? I ask because I’ve spent the last few days trying to get it to work. I’m using the latest version and it doesn’t seem to sync up with the provided documentation. Ive hooked up what I believe is the needed data to get it to render but it doesn’t. Some of the documentation suggests that I need a workflow action to initialize it but that action isn’t available (And the plug-in documentation seems to suggest that was removed).


I’m sorry. Can you make sure your calendars time slot duration and start date is filled out?

I need to push an update. If those 2 do t solve the issue, we can schedule a meeting and I’ll provide you custom support for free to figure it out

These are both accurate statements. I need to update docs.

You should just have to set your Timeslot duration and default start date/tome

A quick note to say thank you for responding so quickly and your offer to help. I’m at work and have a couple of meetings but will get back on this in about 2 hours. But thanks so much for the help!

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No worries. Keep me posted, the calendar takes a small bit of work at first but Is very versatile.

I finally had a chance to mess around but still don’t have it working. I have it ‘showing’ now (I put a show action on page load). But events in the database aren’t showing on it. I’ve hooked up the built-in calendar and I see them. I have a database that has a title and a range (and of course an ID). I set the 4 ‘events’ to the built in events and then set the 4 fields for the data source (so title is the database title as text, the start and end are the range fields start and end formatted as they are shown in one of your videos (I think it’s ISO something) and the ID is the unique ID’s value.

All I think I could do wrong is either those 4 events (which I just selected from the dropdown), the data (which I think is correct) and then whether I’m missing something else (like an initialization or some field that was required etc.). I did set the duration field as suggested and that didn’t help.

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Can you take a screenshot of your inputs?

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