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Fun suggestion for encouragement

Hi @emmanuel, just thought of a fun statistic you could publish somewhere in each app settings page, or use for Bubble marketing purposes…

“Your no code bubble app now contains the equivalent of x lines of code.”


That’d be fun indeed, but I’m not sure we have a good way to make that calculation…


I guess we could estimate what % of Bubble’s features an app uses, and multiply that by the number of lines in Bubble’s codebase… I dunno :slight_smile:


could be interesting to see that :slight_smile:

So there will essentially be 2 groups of people using Bubble.

  1. People like me, who, through bubble have suddenly been able to realise their great idea’s without needing to go down the learning curve of using a traditional MVC framework.

  2. People who have built their careers from learning MVC framework, Python, Ruby, Node, JS etc. And are now using / advocating Bubble.

People in group 2 will have a relatively good idea of the equivalent size in a traditional code environment of something which they have built in Bubble.

Maybe should target group 2 with a survey in which they:-

  • Select one of their Bubble apps.
  • Indicate what their ‘traditional’ approach was prior to using Bubble.
  • Make an estimation of some metrics like
    • time it would have taken
    • number of people who would have needed to be employed to deliver it.
    • Equivalent lines of code which would have been needed.

What you are doing here with Bubble is potentially highly disruptive. And I reckon its worth putting some effort into building these kind of metrics from people who understand the value of both sides.