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Fundraising to create a plugin for iOS and Android with Jasonelle

Mark - count me in.

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Hello @ZubairLK

First of all, it is to be able to test our app in seconds in Apple and Google stores.

Be able to use the new plugin to easily use all the features of Jasonelle for free or almost free.

An easy guide and step-by-step tips how to build it on Xcode (iOS) and Studio (Android) without having to spend many hours.

I have already proposed the project to some developers of known plugins.
Pending response.


Hi @JohnMark, this is a great idea and would definitely pitch in. So yes, Count me in!

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Count me in. Is there a target date for this to start?

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Hey @alexander2 & @JohnMark , I am in, just let us know how to follow from here!

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Will the plugin be offered for free after the fundraising? Just asking, I guess that’s why we are doing the fundraising in the first place.

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@nocodeventure Yes or at a very minimum cost.

@caeroa Very soon :slight_smile:

Fundraising Day 16 :slight_smile:

We found the experienced plugin developer.
What do you think would be the best way to finance development?


Count me in.


I’m in 1000%


Count me in!

@JohnMark @alexander2 would you like to use my bubble app to raise your funding? It’s an all or nothing group-buying app I made powered by Stripe. I can give you a unique URL for this funding campaign and will capture or return committed funds if a purchasing goal is reached or not. PM me if you’re interested.



(I’m in)


Sounds like a plan - I’m up for it :+1:


Hi Everyone,

We reach the number! :partying_face:
We found the plugin developer.
More to come in a few hours or days :slight_smile:

It’s time to receive your advice, comments, suggestions or anything.
Let’s make it happen.


Things I had difficulties with with jasonnelle: Notifications and image uploader broke in wrapper.

Offline storage of data with dynamic pages would be huge, but I assume you have to be a wizard to accomplish that.

Great to hear that it is gonna happen! I am hyped!

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Hello everyone! We found a plugin developer and pushed the barrier much higher. The concept is that you will be able to develop an iOS or Android application completely independent of Bubble or integrated with Bubble. It’s a first. The genius of the idea is Vini who has produced several plugins in the past. I’ll let him answer your questions. Here is the procedure for sending your donation (a bit complicated in my opinion, but it does the job :slight_smile: ). Vini @vini_brito spent a lot of time building a follow-up with donors. Here are the steps to make your 50$ donation. I’m going to ask you one by one to accomplish our mission.


Hello! These instructions are written directly by me, Vini, the plugin builder :slight_smile:

1 - Go to
2 - Click the orange “Get started” button.
3 - Sign in.
4 - Open the menu and click the “Open plugins” to see the open plugins section.
5 - In the plugin currently named “Native app conjurer” (accepting suggestions!) click the yellow button “Offer to sponsor this plugin available!”.
6 - If you’re interested, click the yellow button “Yes, this is what I want, email me an invoice”.
7 - Go to your email and see the Paypal invoice that was immediately, automatically sent to you, check spam folder if the Paypal email landed there and if it’s a gmail, check other inbox tabs (promotions, updates etc).
8 - Click the link and pay the invoice in the Paypal page.
9 - Tap yourself in the back :wave: for me since we’re far away and you deserve it for participating in a group effort.
10 - Sit back, relax and wait for updates on the plugin :wink: they will be proactively emailed to you


That’s it folks! Waiting to hear from you :wink:
The first milestone here is reaching a version 1, then we’ll be able to go for exploring Jasonelle’s full potential!
Contributors are going to be able to make alpha testing and review the whole thing privately first.

In a very short summary, Bubble workflows will create the JSON file that is going to be initially served to the native Jasonelle app, then the app will work by itself, then these are roughly the main options:

It may or may not request more stuff from Bubble.
It may or may not be instructed to work exclusively offline from that point on.
It may or may not be instructed to work exclusively online from that point on.
It may or may not request data exclusively from other sources, ignoring that Bubble even exists.

Once we reach a first alpha version we’ll be able to better grasp the full possibilities, the horizon expands itself when work progresses.

With about 10 contributors we’ll be able to have a solid alpha in likely 5 weeks, not an unusable alpha, but an actual alpha version :grin:


Done! Can’t wait! Thanks for setting this up guys!


I am very happy to see it come to life. Many thanks to @alexander2 , it was a really good idea!

@JohnMark you followed it very well and you pioneered its realization, you are great as always! And, @vini_brito a talented plugin creator trusted by the community.

You are like Bullets! :star_struck:

Please make it easy for the community to join :blush:

Please add another payment provider. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @eren, I’m handling this and I’ll send you a private message.
Anyone else who prefers to pay via Stripe instead of Paypal please send me a private message and I can make it happen.
Thank you all for the interest!