Fuzzy search doesn't match the product disapear

Hi i m Benoit, just learning Bubble but i block on something who must be really simple but i don’t get it… So when i use Fuzzy search who is connect to an input and the input connect to a repeating group at the moment i write anything in the input all the product from the repeating disapear even if they match perfectly …
thank’s to let me know if you have any idea where i done a mess ^^

Hello @benoit.corvol

Thanks for reaching out.

The issue probably lies in your setup of the plugin. Therefore, I would recommend checking out our documentation first, and then seeing the demo editor, with an example of how the plugin should be set up: Zeroqode-demo-16 | Bubble Editor

If you are still struggling to set up the plugin after checking the documentation and the demo editor, please provide additional details (screenshots, or video recording) on your setup, particularly plugin element ID settings, and the conditionals for the repeating group.

Looking forward to your reply.

Zeroqode Support Team