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I’ve got hundreds of entries in my database and I can’t manage to have them indexed by Google.

The sitemap feature of bubble is too limited, it just takes the root pages but not their variations, so it just tells google to index my /item page, though I have hundreds of items, not just the root page /item.

I tried to have a dedicated page for google bot, so that in a RG, I list all items:

but it’s also limited, because I can display only 100 entries, and my “next” button that loads the rest of the content doesn’t seem to be crawled by google bot.

I also tried online sitemap generators, but it just does as Bubble, it takes /item, not /item-838383838383 and /item-9393939393939 (for example).

Any solution?

up :worried:

Same issue here. And its not even on the roadmap :frowning:

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Im using spider seo to generate my sitemap.xml
I will let you know if I find a way to automate it

I’ve exchanged couple of emails these last days with David from support.
He tells me to do that manually.

The only way I see that doable is to go to my homepage, search for item #1, load the page, copy the url in a file, and repeat for item #2, etc.
Which should take me many hours, just for 1200, so how can I do that for 20k (will take days!).

He confirms to do that manually.
For tens of thousands of pages.
Thanks Bubble.

I could extract the ID of all items, but as I’m using the « field for readable URL » feature, it’s not as simple, my URLS have words in them, not just the ID. And my field « name » used for that sometimes have accents, parenthesis which are sometimes skipped in the URL, some are kept…

Being a non-coder (which is supposed to be Bubble’s target), I can’t code scripts with rules to generate, concatenate and do so many things to have a hack that works.

Anyway, it’s a nightmare, I’ve now a tool in which I’ve invested lots of time that’s non-scalable, for such a basic feature as listing all my pages so that I can be indexed in google. I’m pissed.

“Indexing dynamic pages at the platform level is a big project that we would like to tackle at some point. In the meantime, you should be able to manually accomplish this.”

Asking why it’s a “big project”:

“It’s a big project because some apps have thousands, hundreds of thousands of pages, so we need to determine a way to handle that elegantly, while still doing it in a way that makes sense for those apps with a few pages.”

We just need a list of all our urls, is that such a complicated task???

A user on this forum once suggested to have a page that basically listed Links to all the variations of the root pages.

So basically you would do a Search all for each Thing, and put a Link to it.

Yes that’s what I did, but it only works if you only have max 100 pages, RG won’t load more.
But I found a way in the end, explained on another topic where you’re also active, thanks for your inputs there: [New Feature] SEO tools
So I now have my sitemap fully completed, though google excluded my pages :frowning:
We’ll see if it changes later :confused:

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