Good sitemap generator tool for bubble app?

Hi, When our site has 2,000 pages under it. But when I use a sitemap generator it only fetches one link - the home page.

Does anyone know why or are you experiencing the same? Could you recommend a tool to scan our site and can find all the pages? It could be because a lot of pages are dynamic but it should at least find pages right on the home page like contact us.


Hey @Prashant! I’m bumping this too. Hoping to find a solution for something similar

HI @joe5

I could not find an explanation on why my bubble site cant be crawled by sitemap generators. So I ended up doing it manually which was a pain but its a one off effort and then adding page as you go.

I had syntax errors despite google validator sayings its all good. So my pages didn’t go on google for months until an SEO expert looked at it. So I recommend extra care. Good Luck.

Thanks @Prashant! Did you use any sitemap tools to help build it? Or any how-to’s to manually building the sitemap?


  1. Generate a singe page using those tools and add couple of your pages to test or all your page links if you are confident.
  2. Google for Sitemap format examples and syntax.
  3. Once uploaded on to bubble as sitemap.xml in settings, you will be able to see it as yoububblesite/sitemap.xml
  4. You can validate the above link, request for indexing and see crawl stats on google console.Crawl stats confirm if google can see it. If no crawl in a few days there may be an issue.
  5. When you see all pages listed are crawled with no erros, you got it all correct. You can google for your exact links and see it being listed. You now got entry to the google ranking system and SEO works will determine how , where you rank in long term.
  6. Every time you have a change in your pages, edit sitemap , re upload and request for indexing.

Good luck and may google gods smile upon you :slight_smile:

Are you guys using “links” to have people navigate your site or are you using workflows that navigate to a page? …I believe Google and others follow the links but don’t treat the workflows the same way.

I changed all WF navigation to links but did not see any difference in sitemap generation or from google Scott.

Manual generation and Listing on google only worked.


Hi gang,
Same need of sitemap generator here, with a website of batches of hundreds of new pages, I can’t do it like I used to, manually, where I linked to google the last 50 pages created (it only crawls these last 50!).

So @Prashant Could you explain a bit more your step 1?
With 1200 pages, I can’t list them manually and I see no tool that could do that neither.



Step 1 details : Use a sitemap generator like this
it will likely read the first page and produce one link in the file. Now that you have a file add other links under the first link.

Whats your site ? Interested to see who else has so many landing pages.

Yes its a pain there is no work around. You can use notepad ++ or some way to get all your links and paste but its manual.

Other indirect things to do 1) Understand why site generators cant crawl bubble site – I would love to know this 2) Then, either address that or bring it to notice of a bubble plugin maker that there is an opportunity here.

But that’s where I’m stuck, I don’t want to add each URL manually on the file. I currently have 1200 items in my database and plan to add thousands more really soon, it can’t be done manually.
Generators can’t crawl a bubble site because from our landing page, we’re not providing links to all pages existing.

I don’t understand why Bubble is not providing a tool to generate the sitemap, that’s the kind of BASIC tools that’s missing, that prevents me from recommending Bubble to way more people.

yo yo @GammaMat GammaMat - I’m in the same boat still but think I may have found a semi-automated way.

  1. Make a list of your static main pages
  2. Create a page that auto-populates a list of every dynamic link you need using repeating groups for your data types.
  3. Get the live links and paste into this copy/paste link sitemap generator
  4. You should then end up with a real sitemap with both your static pages and a list of all dynamic links.

I’m gonna have to update it every week but this is easy relative to other ways right now.


Hi @joe5!
I’ve actually found a way that works great!!!

Two keys of understanding (for me):
1- you can export the id of the page from your data Tab
My pages are all something like /item/873737834747484848484
So with a csv and excel, it’s easy to create a list of all urls with in one column, in the other column the /item/873737834747484848484 from the export, and in a third column, with the concatenate function, have a list of hundreds or urls looking like

2- but my problem was that my urls have words in them, like /item/name-of-item-873737834747484848484 for SEO purposes, and bubble just exports /item/873737834747484848484 , not with the words.
So I thought this method wouldn’t work for that reason, but actually, it works!!!
Just test: your url with words, you can remove all words in it, it will redirect to the words-less url.

Google takes its time for indexing (after 10 days, it only took half of my 1200 pages, excluding all of them for the first 9 days), but it looks like it works.

No dedicated page needed then!
Well, it depends how you add pages: if only by batches of hundreds or thousands, then this method I’m listing is perfect (just do it once in a while), but if few pages are added regularly, then the dedicated page can help for that.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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I’ve been looking for this site for the last month!! Thanks so much.