Geographic SearchBox has major Issue

Here is my scenario.

  1. I have page1 with Seachbox type Geographic Places. Also, have button on same page which is collecting value of SearchBox and passing it to page2 using option “Send More Parameter” with parameter name _tl.

  2. Now on page2 I am assigning value of parameter _tl to searchbox on second page.

Result: It assigns some weird address to searchbox on second page.

If anyone came across this kind of scenario?

Hey @anilthakkar11 :slight_smile: I just tested and was able to send the address correctly. Is the type of content for the parameter set to ‘geographic address’ instead of text (similar to the screenshot below). Can you temporarily set your app to public and share a link to the editor?

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This was really simple. I did it for date but, not checked for geographic address. I was using text type.

It’s working fine now.

Thanks a lot.

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Awesome! No problem at all :slight_smile:

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