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Hi Everyone

So I want to export the data in as CSV file, and I clicked on export, and it has been 4 hours and still has not got an email regarding the data; I was just wondering how long it normally takes when you export CSV file? (And I don’t have much data only 50 records.) Thanks!

Hello @enbitious :wave:
Normally it should not take more than 5 minutes (For 50 records)…
Did you check spam/junk folder?

If you didn’t find it there
Try to do export again or contact bubble support (Last option)

Usually it’s less then 30 min for me , did you check the spam folder?

For whatever it is worth (which might be absolutely nothing). On more than one occasion I have tried to export records to CSV and the process never finished. On other occasions I have used it and it worked fine. I never tried to debug the cause.

There was some discussion the other day about these types of activities using capacity. I wonder if that could have anything to do with CSV’s not exporting?

Hi it arrived, thanks!

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