How long does an export normally take?


I’m trying to export a table of data from my database using the export function. I go to export, select CSV, and hit export and it says it will email me the CSV. I first did this about 3 hours ago and haven’t received anything (I’ve checked spam too). It’s not a huge table either at around 750 records.

How long does an export usually take? Typically, I need the data quickly to send to someone external for processing!



An export of that size should be pretty fast. You can check progress by hitting the export button again, and it will show you a progress bar of the existing export. If it is getting stuck, or showing as complete but you don’t get the email, contact Bubble support.

Thanks. I just tried again, went back into it and could see the process at 0%, it then quite quickly went up to 100% but I’ve still not had an email. Thanks for that tip for checking progress though :+1:

Hmmm… my guess is it’s an email deliverability issue, that Bubble is sending the email but your email provider is rejecting it outright. But only Bubble Support could tell for sure.

Doh! I totally forgot I was logged in as a colleague rather than with my own account. So of course, they’ve received the email not me face palm

Sorry for wasting your time but thanks again for the useful info ref % complete etc that will come in handy in future :+1:

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