Get Latitude & Longitude constantly...for free?

Hey Bubblers,

Is there anyway to do this?

Its a Mobile App, want to every 10 seconds get user’s latitude and longitude…thats it…no geocoding etc…without shelling out millions for google. And I’m talking about accurate location, not the IP method.

Is it possible?

@gaurav Does BDK Toggle GPS cost API calls to google?

There is another plugin…called Geolocation(GPS) tracker element…does anyone know if it has any limitations? Seems too good to be true if its free and unlimited.



If you wrap your app, with Thunkable, for example, you’ll get this ability as a bonus.

I don’t quite understand how that would work…your either saying thunkable would foot the bill for all my API calls or there is an easy free way to access location data without Google…

If it’s the latter then there are probably heaps of options offering the same functionality. Don’t need a sales pitch just want the truth😂

No affiliation with them other than being a user.

The Thunkable wrapper allows a user to grab their api from the devices gps device. As often as you want it.

You could transmit the data from app wrapper to bubble via a plugin.

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Thanks and apologies for being snappy. Had some drinkies last night. I’m pretty set on BDK native and not sure how it compares to thunkable.

The Geolocation tracker element plug-in I’ve got, the creator said is built using Mozilla’s geolocation_api which appears to be open source and free! So problem solved…

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No worries! :wink: :beers:

Glad you got it figured out! Nothing against Gaurav or BDK (his stuff is dope!), I’d just prefer to wrap it up myself!

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Interesting discussion, also interested in getting mobile users’ geolocation without making Google even richer.
I guess that using Thunkable + Henry would be your suggestion, right @jared.gibb ?
Otherwise, I’d see no reason to use Henry for that if Bubble can natively provide geolocation (via GMaps).

Thank you

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Yeah that’s suggestion one. Suggestion to you is to build out the entire app in Thunkable so that you have a truly native mobile app to go alongside your Web app