Get Url or info from Browser Address field?


just thinking if it’s possible if when a page is load it will get data from address field or the Initial Content of the Input field will be what’s on the browser address field?

You can use the Get data from page URL feature to do what you’re saying. To populate the URL with data, use the Go to page action and specify the parameter in the Action.

can you send me a screenshot? did you mean ill do a workflow on page load > goto page > data to send ??? > parameters ???

Yes, that’s one way to populate the URL with a parameter. But is it a specific reason you want to store it in the URL instead of in a state for example? With states you can use a default value, which means you don’t have to include it in your loading workflow.

I’ll be happy to make some screen shots, just need to know that I understand your needs first.

what i want is like a redirect link…

ex. i have a thing called redirects and has a field redirect url and original url so when they input in the address field

redirect url =

it will search for that url and will give the original url which is
original url = and will go that page

Ok, in that case you can use the “Do when condition is true” action to detect the change in the URL, but it has to to be structured like a query string for Bubble to detect it. So will have to be (for example).

If the 123456 is not dynamic, you can of course set up a page with that name, that automatically redirects on page load.



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