Getting email every second

Hi there,
I have an app on Bubble, and I have an urgent question. I’m constantly receiving emails in the test environment, and I’m not sure why. Please anyone help to stop this.

In details -
I initially set up a recurring workflow to send weekly invite emails every Tuesday. I wanted to confirm if it was functioning correctly, so I modified the frequency to send emails every 30 seconds. I attempted to halt the process by canceling all associated events through the ‘Scheduler’ option and deleting the entire API workflow + I deleted the dynamic template from the SendGrid also. However, I am still receiving emails every second, and the count has reached 1400 emails.

Please help me with. I contacted the support team also no response.


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Go to logs → scheduler

Cancel all upcoming in dev

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:point_up_2: This is if you need to cancel all of your workflows. Otherwise, pause the tasks and then press show and cancel the ones you need to cancel. :blush:


Hi @chris.williamson1996 + @J805 , I followed the same steps, but I’m still receiving emails every second.

Check your logs to see which workflow is running and then add a ‘terminate workflow’ to that workflow.

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Thank you very much @J805 ; I genuinely appreciate your help. I resolved the issue by deleting the SendGrid template, and I’m no longer receiving emails. Just one more thing I’d like to confirm: Since no events are appearing in my Logs–> Scheduler, does that mean that if I push some design changes to the live version, they won’t trigger any email as of now?

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@ibovisec If there was a bug in your dev version, if you push to live, then it might have the same bug and be sending out those emails again. Just be careful and make sure to do thorough testing before pushing to live. :blush:

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