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GiftEZ - Send Gifts without an Address!

Hey everyone! As someone in the real estate industry, sometimes a small gift can easily break the ice and/or build rapport with a new potential client. However, I often just have their email or phone number and not their address making it difficult to send physical gifts.

Gift EZ aims to solve that problem by providing a service where users can send people gifts without having their address on hand and when you only have a phone number and/or an email address.

How it Works:

  1. A user picks a product from our list, fills out information regarding the recipient, and pays for the gifts
  2. We send the recipient notification that they’ve received a gift, this is done through either email, SMS, or both
  3. The recipient is given a link to GiftEZ to fill out information about their address (they don’t have to register)
  4. We send them their gift!

Feel free to visit the website and if you are feeling the spirit of Christmas early, use the code BUBBS for 5% off.

Thank you!


Cool idea.

Great site and best of luck growing the business!

Looks nice!

Just using my mobile and one suggestion would be to put the nav arrows at the bottom also since when I scroll down there I have to scroll back up to arrow again.

Also wondering who’s your ideal target audience for this?

Thanks for the feedback John. I will try and get a nav button added to the mobile site. There is one on the regular site, but it must not show on mobile.
Probably a few Target audiences for this. One are people like me who don’t like shopping, never know what to get, and always forgetting significant events (my wife can attest to this). For such people, the ability to go to a one page site, see just a few curated products with a fully loaded price,easily select a gift where you can’t go wrong, and just have to enter an email or phone … is very appealing.
Another target audience may be people who has met someone they want to know better, but too early in the relationship to ask for their address, so can still send a real physical gift just by knowing their email or cell number.
Any other thoughts you have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Great idea.
I suggest you give user option of sending gift without signing up. At least the first time when they are testing the process.
You could do this by adding a ‘not now’ button to login pop up.

The reason I ask is that I think you have a bigger audience that you need to refine the value proposition for.

Specifically, I’m thinking of business scenarios. While you know their corporate address, you never really know if the gift got to them and if it was the best place to send it - ie might be intercepted by the mail room, admins, exec assistants. Many times it’s better to get their home address but getting that is ackward in many business situations where the relationship is always more formal.

Your service could get around such obstacles and still be very meaningful to building out the relationship. This would be the case for sales and account management. Just requires more validation on your end with these types of folks - Holidays would be a good time since it’s top of mind.