GIPHY Search Throwing Errors

Hoping some kind soul can help troubleshoot what should be a simple problem.

I’m using Bubble’s GIPHY plugin to build a search in my app. I’m pulling the GIF’s into a repeating group (3 rows, vertically scrolling) with the data source being a GIPHY search for terms in a simple text input.

Seems straightforward enough. However, it’s taking an incredibly long time to load the GIF’s, and I keep getting the following error message. Is there a smarter way to do this?

I’m a non-technical user (not a programmer) and could really use some help here. Thank you!

@NigelG @fayewatson @levon

Not sure if this is relevant. However, I should add that I am building this search inside a reusable element at the moment, with multiple sections that have conditional visibility rules. I am displaying said reusable in a popup and triggering that popup from a separate reusable element that is, in turn, housed within a repeating group.

You don’t get error message but warning message. Even if your RG have 3 row, you are fetching more than that. Try to add until items #3 for example. You can also probably add limit parameters into the API call to get less data.

Thanks so much for the help here. Probably a stupid question, but how would I then load the next three items as the user scrolls? Again, a newbie here.

I should add that I am using Bubble’s pre-built GIPHY plugin, so I don’t have access to the underlying API calls. Is it possible that this plugin is not being properly maintained?

I would expect that Bubble would automatically only load images when their cell is visible. Is this not the case? I’ve experimented with different conditionals (i.e. making image source empty unless cell is visible). However, I’m still getting the same warnings and performance issues. Without some understanding of what’s happening under the hood, I’m at a bit of an impasse.

@Jici It’s possible I’ve found a solution in this plugin from @ZeroqodeSupport. Would this work for my use case, @levon @vladlarin?

Scrolling Position Detector — Plugin from Zeroqode.

@levon @vladlarin @ZeroqodeSupport After reading the reviews, I see this plugin does not work in reusable elements. It’s possible I could redesign so that this element is not in a reusable. However, that would be a fairly heavy lift at this point. Can you advise if there is another way? Is the plugin still unusable within RE? Thanks!

I understand that you are not using your own API Connector integration. So you will be limited to what you can do. For reusable element, most of the time you can make it work by showing the plugin only when reusable is visible too.

@ts11 Hello!

Thanks for reaching out!
The Giphy Plugin should work inside the Reusable Element, please our demo page:
Especially the setup, you could see a couple of reusable elements on page which contain the Repeating Group for fetching external data via Giphy API.

As for the warnings, it’s clearly that the API is fetching loads of data in the call, so as @Jici suggested if you have a 3 rows RG in your setup, use :items until #3 to limit the unnecessary queries. Also you could apply the limit parameter for how many items to fetch.

Hope this helps.

Zeroqode Team.

Hi there! Thanks so much for the response. A few quick questions:

  1. I’m actually using Bubble’s own Giphy plugin, at this point, not Zeroqodes. Can you explain to me the difference?
  2. I visited the linked demo page for your Giphy plugin, and the searches are not functioning. (Repeating Groups are not returning any results from the input.) Is there a reason for this?
  3. I can limit the number of results to improve performance. However, I want users to be able to scroll to reveal additional results. Is it possible to fetch new results only as the user scrolls within the RG? I had looked at another of your plugins for this (linked below). However, the reviews on that plugin indicate it can’t be used within Reusable Elements. This would be a non-starter for me.

Detect Scroll Position For RG

Thank you again!

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Hello @ts11

In our version compared with Bubble where is available only the data call Search for GIF, also are available:

Data Calls:

  • Search for Sticker
  • Get-Random GIF Sticker
  • Get Sticker Packs


  • Upload GIF

We checked the demo page and it’s working properly. Could you please let us know which browser and Operating System are you using? Maybe the issue is related to used software.

You can try to make the limit parameter value dynamic (using state) and change it when the RG is loaded.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team