Go to page not working properly


here’s the situation. Take, for instance, the hotel page of tripadvisor (i got something similar). The page is actually a single page, with all text as dynamic texts; the page is ‘‘hotel’’ type, so depending on the hotel (and the parameter sent), the page show an hotel.

At the bottom, i have a repeating group with 4 ‘‘suggested hotels’’. Here is the problem: when i click on an hotel in this repeating group, seems that the system doesn’t go to the page (that is the same page), but it only changes the parameter.

As i click on an element in the suggested hotel, this is the (wrong) result:

  • The page and the view in the page doesn’t move, but it only changes the dynamic contents
  • the page actually never reloads

This is a problem, because:

1- the user doen’t have the feeling that he moves to another page
2- the repeating group is set for showing 4 elements from a list of many more, and the sort is random. As the page doen’t reload, the list always show the same 4 elements (that is not what i want)

I managed to reach the desired behaviour setting this workflow:

Click on an element in the repeating group > go to page (sending the parameter of the hotel) > reload the page.

The problem here is that bubble shows and error, saying that ‘‘the go to page workflow must be put as the last’’. so i had to leave this solution.

Any ideas? Hope is clear, in case is not please don’t hesitate to ask for more info.

Thank you in advance


Simply use ‘Open on external website’ action. Or use refresh just after changing the url.

hi @JohnMark,

thank you for your reply. unfortunately both solutions present problems.

Solution 1: the ‘‘go to page’’ function doesn’t allow to send a parameter. In my case is necessary, as it indicattes the hotel of the page i’m going to.

Solution 2: as i worte, it works perfectly in the preview. But bubble shows an issue, saying that the step ‘‘go to page’’ has to be set as the last step in the workflow. And i tried using click on the hotel > refresh page > go to page but doen’t work (the page stays the same).

Any other idea?

Thank you


Hi @escaperoomers

Open on external website isn’t the same as ‘go to page’ and allow parameter. For the second part, once you refresh the page or use external website, you have to use ‘on page load’ thing to manage the URL and act on it. Many discussions in the forum about that topic.

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