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Google Geocoding API Pricing Question

Hi guys, I’m building a sort of social platform and I’m using a repeating group as my feed. Each post on the feed has its location stored in the moment it’s created, so users can filter posts based in a mileage radius from where they are (5 miles, 25 miles and 50 miles around them).

I’m using Google Geocoding API for that (to get the user location and calculate the distance between the post location and the user location), the thing is that I’m a little worried about the billing for using the API. In less than 24 hours, only me testing I already got more than 350 requests (because I think it counts a request for each post on the feed) which is equal to $1.30. Ok, that’s not much, but imagine like 100 users using the platform with a lot of posts in the feed, it’ll be crazy.

Am I doing something wrong? That’s really how this Google Geocoding API works? Any suggestion to make it cheaper or with less resquests? Thank you so much!!

The Google Geocoding API is notoriously expensive to use. I don’t think you really need it though. If you have the GPS coordinates of each post and the GPS coordinates of user locations, then it’s just a matter of calculating distances between these data points and filtering accordingly. Here are some links you may find useful:

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