Google map extended: How to make marker OR direction to show on load?

Hi bubblers!

I am building an app that uses Google Map Extended. I need to either show 1 marker or directions depending on the use case.

The issue I have is that I need the markers/directions to be shown on load. By on load, I mean when the suer first load on the page where the map element is visible.

I can do this by triggering a workflow when the map element is visible and that works perfectly well (when the page has been loaded at least once, and the underlying map element inside this page has also been loaded).

But it doesn’t work when the page loads for the first time (Where the underlying map element inside this page also loads for the 1st time). Even if I use the condition: “When map element is ready is yes” that doesn’t work.

Anyone here has any idea? Is this feasible or just impossible?

Thanks for the help!!