Google Search Question

I know there have been a lot of posts on this in the past - but I haven’t been able to solve with the info contained in them yet.

I entered an SEO site description two weeks ago on every single page in my app as shown below but it still will not show up when I search my site name on Google. I had also set up my website on Search Console. Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? Are my settings wrong?

Is there a video tutorial on SEO that anyone knows? I am struggling and these concepts are pretty foreign to me.


I can’t find you at - different URL?
Have pm’ed you with feedback based on

Hi, thanks for responding!

You rank No. 1 in Google for me for stayscruffly when googling from Australia ( :slight_smile:

What other keywords are you hoping to rank for? Those are the keywords you would put in back link pages, social media posts, linked content marketing etc.

And for Scruffly you are at the top of page 3 for me - it will probably move up if you are using Scruffly in the content of your pages consistently.


I wish I could come to the top when someone just googles Scruffly…but I am #3 not bad I guess.

My biggest difficulty is that I can’t get the description to change in results for googling “Scruffly”. I just googled “Stay Scruffly” and it shows but I’m really trying to promote the site as just Scruffly. I didn’t think that would have an impact on anything, do you think it does?

ooh, nasty.
BTW - you might rank lower in - each geographic region will rank sites differently. Not much help to be top of Australian google when you’re target market is only in the States.

Re: Mobile-friendly - you should build a responsive website to be taken seriously.

Yes it’s obviously bad to have this as a description when you’re trying to sell a software subscription. Not sure why Bubble is doing this if you have changed it on all pages prior to going live. I have not had this experience myself after going live.

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