Group focus - make the reference element dynamic

Hi there,

I am working on a 1 page app with the minimum elements as possible by using custom states.
Today I am focused on the Reviewed/Approved documents feature within a specific project.
The project owner should be able to select the users working in the project that must Reviewed or/and Approved a specific file.
I would like to show the project list users inside a RP within a GF for each Reviewed or Approved section. In each section I have a “+” icon to add a user. But when I i click on the “+” that belongs to the Reviewed section, the GF shows on the “+” of the Approved section.
Any idea of how I could make the GF reference element dynamic by using custom states?

I am trying to use the CSS plugin but no result so far, any help ?

Any update on this?

I use a question mark icon next to a “privacy” dropdown field throughout my app. When users click the icon, a group focus with explanations of the privacy field’s choices is shown.

I’d love to be able to use a single gf and have it appear in relation to the element that summoned it.

This may solve your problem. It worked for me: