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Group inside repeating group not stretching

Hello there,

I have a calendar on a page, the structure is :

  • Repeating Group1 (RepeatingGroup Calendar)
    • Group1 (Group Calendar Date )
      • Repeating Group2 (RepeatingGroup Calendar Timeslot)
        • Group2 (Group Appointment Timeslot)

All of those groups and RGs have the property Apply a 300% max width when the page is stretched, however Group1 is not stretching (therefore RG2 and Group2 are not stretching either)


Here is the editor : Trouverunreparateur | Bubble Editor

Here a short video of the Inspector that leads me to thing the issue is on Group1 : Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!


Try to remove the strach limitation of the inner groups. If they don’t have limitation, the limitation will be the size (width) of the parent group.


Im assuming you mean removing that property instead of having it fixed to 300% ?

I did but nothing changed.